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Strategic Activities

Staying in tune and on top of every aspect of running a business is a daunting task even with a strong management team. We bring knowledge and resources to enhance current or implement new strategies. We are confidential advisors supporting the business owner.

  • Is your business preparing to position to sell or transition to a family member?
    Let’s discuss key strategies and a timeline necessary to maximize your company’s selling price.
  • Does your company have a succession plan for key roles?
    We will work with you to assess and capture the necessary skills of key positions resulting in profiles for a repeatable recruitment process.
  • Is your business growth stagnant?
    We will work with you to bring clarity to next steps and bring in resources, where applicable, to overcome obstacles and create a well-defined path for future growth.
  • Have you explored potential tax incentives, loans or grants?
    Let’s have a conversation about potential funding opportunities for your organization.
  • Each company has its own team challenges. Are your teams working together at their maximum potential?
    Creating high functioning teams in a complex environment is possible.

    “People will accomplish amazing things if properly led and motivated”
    Bruce AmEnde

    Schedule a conversation with Bruce to explore your specific situation.

  • Is chaos a word heard within your organization?
    Chaos is opportunity where we can make a difference. The more complex the situation, the greater the challenge. Creating order out of chaos is Bruce’s strength.
  • Every organization is unique with its own set of challenges. Our experience crosses a variety of industries including manufacturing, engineering, IT, insurance and nonprofit organizations.

    You are not alone. Let’s have an exploratory conversation.

Does your company have an achievable strategic business plan?

Let's define and execute a do-able strategic plan.