Financial Plan

Operations & Leadership


Leadership gets results! People properly led and motivated will accomplish amazing things. Is your company exceeding expectations? If not, we can provide you with a winning formula.


Know your numbers, know where they came from and know where you want them to go. There is a straightforward way to know and own your financial results. It is called a dashboard and we can customize one for you.


There is an innate human desire to belong to something greater than oneself. Create a culture that satisfies this basic need and your company will flourish. Let’s explore how.

Top Signs of Deficiencies in Operations and/or Leadership

  • Stagnant company growth
  • High employee turnover
  • Limited depth of financial metrics
  • Lack of review/oversight for Contracts and Vendor Management
  • Lack of Supply Chain negotiations strategy
  • Low morale
  • Negative culture

Take a check on your company’s level of employee engagement through our proprietary employee engagement survey in a gamification format – easy to complete, easy to understand the results.

We will guide you to resolve the toughest of operations and leadership problems. We put our expertise and experience to work for you by:

  • Hands-on Root Cause Analysis
  • On-site or off-site executive problem solving
  • Management training, coaching, role modeling
  • Mediating conflict

Grant Funding & Tax Saving Opportunities

As we work with your company, we identify opportunities to bring grant funding and/or tax savings to your bottom line. Whether it is a federal or state grant, we have knowledge of programs that offer aid in industries such as manufacturing and IT.

Federal and state grants for manufacturers: We have knowledge and experience to help your company receive matching grant funding of, for example, up to $150,000 to help compete when off-shore competition has impacted your bottom line.

Federal and State Tax Credits: Job Opportunity, Job Enhancement, and other special programs that companies can tap into that reduce taxes and offer opportunity to underserved groups.

Are your management team and employees aligned to move you forward?

Don’t assume. Let’s find out.