Company Culture

Company Culture

Everybody Wants to be on a Winning Team

There is a detectable atmosphere in companies with a strong, positive company culture. People look confident and comfortable. No faces tight with the signs of stress. Heads are held upright and people are acknowledged when passing. Their friends and colleagues may even be asking "How do I get a job at your company?" No head-down tunnel vision while feet scurry to their destination.

We work with you and your team to identify the current state and where the root causes of problems exist.

Here is a sampling of how we identify and work with you to create a strong company culture:

  • Do your employees know what is the company’s Purpose?
    This is different from the mission and vision, though they are important as well – but after fully knowing the purpose. Knowing your purpose allows real engagement in the work. Let us help you discover your purpose and communicate throughout the company.
  • Are your company core values, principles, and expectations fully known and understood?
    Focus group facilitation to collaborate on developing core values and principles, and employee handbook development are in our toolkit. Communication is key.
  • Does executive management model the company’s core values?
    Honest conversations with leaders are our strength. Coaching is our game.
  • Are the right people in the right roles?
    New hire onboarding, performance management, recruitment, exit strategies are tools we can design for you.
  • Does the company recognize and celebrate exceptional performance of both employees and the company?
    Let’s talk reward and recognition programs, especially for key employees.
  • Is your company compliant with federal and state employment laws so that employees know their rights and understand how to access your open door policy for concerns or whistleblowing?
    We can conduct a compliance check-up and ensure your employees are aware of their rights as required by law.

Are your employees productive and engaged at work?

Let's discuss.