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Regulatory & Compliance

Companies often feel challenged to become aware and maintain currency of both federal and state of CT employment laws. Often, it is the experience of a claim against the company from a disgruntled worker that brings to light areas of risk and exposure previously unknown to the company. We can help mitigate your risk and put in place corrective actions and prioritized recommendations for future attention.

HR Function Assessment

This HR check-up is an excellent way of capturing both regulatory and compliance exposures to the company as well as recognizing good practices and processes. We spend approximately one-half day on site reviewing specific areas within the HR function, taking careful note of deficiencies or risks to the company. We produce a report identifying the concerns found and provide a prioritized list of recommendations for corrective action. We can also help implement the recommendations.


We look at a variety of areas to ensure your company is aware of certain regulations or are compliant.

  • Is your company required to provide Paid Sick Leave?
  • Do you train your employees for sexual harassment and anti-harassment awareness?
  • Are your employees properly classified exempt or nonexempt?
  • Do hiring managers understand what can and cannot be asked of candidates during interviews?


No need to pay penalties for unknowingly being out of compliance on easily rectified areas.

  • Is your Employment Application current to changes in CT state law?
  • Are your recordkeeping practices in compliance with CT state law?
  • How do you notify employees of compensation changes?
  • Are you providing employees time off in certain required circumstances?

The above are just some examples where employers can get caught unaware and have to respond to costly claims.

Reduce risk, stress, and financial exposure with an HR Assessment.

We create a roadmap to best practices.