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Do you need valid, reliable data to know if you are paying your staff competitively for the market?
It is common for business owners to face questions from employees on pay equity. Be prepared to address compensation questions with factual data, derived from a nationally recognized compensation database.

Are your employees questioning the currency or competitiveness of their salary ranges?
If you are positioning your company for sale, do you have data for buyers showing the engagement level of the company’s most important asset – it's people?

If you answered YES to either of these questions, we can help you with professional, defendable data through our proven processes and over 30 years of professional compensation experience.

[Barbara AmEnde] just developed a compensation schedule for us. She was very responsive and easy to work with.

Laura Horn, Executive Director
The Farmington Libraries

Our Compensation Services

  • Job Description Development
  • Market Pricing Positions by:
    • Essential functions
    • Specific industry
    • Specific geographic location (right down to the county)
    • Size of organization
  • Salary Structure Design – we do the research and number crunching for you!
  • Pay for Performance Programs
  • Long Term Incentive Compensation Design
  • Key Person Retention Compensation Design
  • Employee Engagement Survey – determine specifically where there are management deficiencies

Conservator of Human Assets®

A key tool in our toolkit as Conservator of Human Assets®, is a professionally designed Compensation Program for your organization. We help you know your job market pricing, administer your program, and communicate to your employees. A well defined and researched company Compensation Program benefits both the employees and the company.

Is your compensation program competitive to the market?

We have the capabilities to determine it.