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Just Like Having Your Own HR Department

Our experienced team of human resource consultants can help with those projects you put on the back burner because of time or people constraints. Whether you bring us on as a subcontractor or on a project basis, we can help with these important human resources and personnel functions.

Our services are invaluable to companies in Connecticut who find themselves in a tight schedule or understaffed for larger projects that are beyond the everyday HR functions.

  • If your company needs an interim Human Resources manager, we can help until your in-house expert comes back from leave, or until you bring someone new on board.
  • We also work as a subcontractor to large corporate Human Resource departments on specific projects like compensation studies, recruiting, and employee training.

Dear Barbara,

On behalf of Don McAulay and INROADS, I would like to thank you for the time and effort you devoted to the New England Region's first College Links Leadership Summit.

The students were so inspired by your presentation, which embodied the ideals and purpose of the Leadership Summit. It was evident that your business etiquette presentation provided many students with skills and knowledge that represented new and necessary learning. Your presentation will have a lasting impact on their college experience, career path, and life journey.

Again, I appreciate your commitment to our future corporate and community leaders, and it was a pleasure meeting you.

Lynn Fay

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