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Coffee Shop Envy

Coffee shop

If I want to avoid “coffee shop envy” in retirement, I better plan as well as possible these last few years sliding into retirement life.

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Join Me at Hiring for Today’s Workplace

CBIA logo

I invite you to join me next Wednesday, April 29, at CBIA’s conference on Hiring for Today’s Workplace. I will be a speaker on the topic of Vetting Candidates as well as joining a panel discussion on Non-Traditional Talent Sourcing.

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Swedes Develop Invisible Bike Helmet

Bike Helmet

You know what kind of sucks about riding a bike? Other than all that pedaling? Bike helmets. Sure, they keep that overrated “brain” from getting splattered, but they take a lot of the open-air-joy out of things, and they’re not comfortable. A pair of Swedish women have developed a remarkable solution: the invisible bike helmet.…

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