Bruce AmEnde

Vice President, Operations & Strategy

Bruce has more than 20 years of management by leadership, project management, and creative problem solving experience in engineering, information technology, and insurance environments. Bruce brings strategic thinking and boots-on-the-street involvement in his approach to problem solving. For him, problems are opportunities that he enjoys solving.

Here’s a project Bruce is especially proud of: for a research company, Bruce designed an incentive compensation plan for the call center and set up the metrics to make it happen smoothly and efficiently. Through Bruce’s program and analysis of results, the owner was able to identify an incorrect assumption of who was his most productive employee. The data provided objective measurements which showed which employees were best suited for certain calls for maximum productivity for the company and maximum compensation for the employee.

Bruce has an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, a BS magna cum laude in Computer Engineering from the University of Hartford, and is Six Sigma Black Belt certified-which makes him an expert in business process and cost improvement.

Along with all of this knowledge, Bruce operates with the kind of positive style that’s needed for inspired leadership.

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