"People Matter and People will accomplish amazing things when properly lead and motivated."
Bruce AmEnde

Conservator of Human Assets®

As Conservator of Human Assets®, we care for a company’s most important asset – the people. With a core value of respect and dignity, we help employers in all aspects of people and operational management with the goal of doing the right thing for the right reason. Our clients say they feel a sense of trust and relief when we work together solving basic to complex problems.

What Makes Us Unique?

Leadership. Through years of developing and managing teams, we take pride in sharing our experience.

Bruce is a natural leader and believes in maintaining respect and dignity with every individual he works with. He will assess a situation and if necessary, make the tough decisions and ensure they are executed properly.

Barbara brings her years of running human resource departments to the AmEnde Human Resource Consulting practice established in 2006. She is proud to be working with small businesses in CT that do not have a professional HR department. Clients say they feel relief and confidence when Barbara is working with them.

What Brings Us Joy?

Following through on a promise to business owners or employees that we are going to help them through their stressful situation. Words matter. People matter. We all need to have hope. We are resources to turn around tough situations or to improve stagnant situations.

We'll be happy to tell you about some of our successes – just ask!

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